Ozarks Cooking, Best of Chef Lou 


By Lou Rice and JE Cornwell (Author), Clarissa French (Editor), Elizabeth Russell (Illustrator)

Ozarks Cooking Best of Chef Lou Recipe CookbookDescription:

This collaboration by Springfield Missouri’s renowned Chef Lou Rice and Author/Publisher JE Cornwell culminates into a beautiful hardcover cookbook. This venture features hundreds of recipes compiled by Chef Lou and wife Stacy, many originally printed in Chef Lou’s very popular Ozarks Cooking column in the Springfield News-Leader. With this collection of recipe treasures and beautiful color illustrated photos, makes this a must keepsake cookbook. We hope that you enjoy making and sampling the collected recipes in this cookbook, but more importantly we hope that your passion for food grows just a little deeper. So read them, share them, change to fit your needs and taste, but most of all just cook and enjoy.


Product Details:

•              Hardcover: 200 pages

•              Genre: Cookbook

•              Publisher: Recipe Publishers

•              Language: English

•              ISBN-10: 097780576X

•              ISBN-13: 978-0977805761

•              Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 8.5 x 11 inches

•              Shipping Weight: 30.4 ounces


Editorial Reviews:

About the Chef

Growing up, like any kid I had heroes along the magnitude of Superman, but unlike most kids my heroes also included culinary greats Graham Kerr and Julia Child. I was simply amazed that people could be so funny and become so popular just by making food. Before I could even drive, I wanted to be the next Galloping Gourmet ala Kerr. A passion for food has always run deep within me. At an early age, food became one of my best friends; it was safety, comfort and a respite from the difficulties of daily life. While, looking back, I may have been a little too zealous at times; food has been a driving force in my life. And it did not have to be fancy food either. Nothing gets to my heart, or stomach, like a really well made meatloaf with mashed potatoes, fried corn, and homemade apple pie for dessert. Have I mentioned, I love comfort food? After a somewhat lackluster college career, I found myself in a passionless family job that barely inspired me to get out of bed. Due in great part to the fact that I had to wear a suit and tie I suspect that the lack of my true passion, food, was my greatest unhappiness with my profession at the time. Catering the office Christmas party would have brought be much greater joy, than the actual work of selling stuff no one wanted. Finally, it became clear to me that I had to walk away from this life to preserve my own sanity and health. So off I went to culinary school. My desire to learn my new craft took me to Indianapolis, a drive of approximately 140 miles round-trip a day, several days a week, at all hours of the day. My desire and drive, while being a positive, also made me a bit on the pushy side as I always wanted more. Completely (over) confident in my abilities, I bought a restaurant while still a student. This was the most expensive culinary education ever – and I am not talking about school tuition. Realizing restaurant ownership was not for me, at the time, I closed the restaurant after finishing school and started cooking. During the years, I worked at a lot of the usual places, and while they left me feeling content enough, my desire for more was strong. You might have heard the saying that a chef is only as good as his last meal. Understanding this quip made me begin to think about other professions in culinary that would satisfy my passions. Teaching was my revelation. What a great career – is there anything better than talking about food all day? And an added joy for me is thriving on the experiences and successes of my students. While I love to cook, and eat, I love to teach most of all. Out of teaching comes the joy of watching others discover wonderful new flavors and foods for the first time. I hope that you enjoy making and sampling the collected recipes in this book, but more importantly I hope that your passion for food grows just a little deeper. So read them, share them, change to fit your needs and taste but most of all just cook and enjoy. Let’s get cooking!

Ozarks Cooking: Best of Chef Lou

Ozarks Cooking Best of Chef Lou Recipe Cookbook

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